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TECHNIDATA offers a wide variety of services ranging from consulting, full project management, training and technical assistance.

We offer information sessions either on-site or through videoconferencing. These sessions address medical biologists, clinicians, technicians and IT engineers.
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Support & contact
Our teams are available to answer your questions at the earliest possible opportunity. Depending on your service agreement we also provide advanced supervision of your systems.
Customer Space
This space acts as a secure web interface where you can log incidents, consult follow-ups, and download documents.
Connect to the customer Space
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Customer service clients and Support

Incident management according to level of priority

   _Incidents: priority levels 2 and 3

Connect to your Customer Space to log incidents and track their status.

Incident requests registered on the TECHNIDATA website are taken into account within 4 working hours for incidents of priority level 2, and 24 working hours for those of priority level 3.

Customer Space

   _Incidents: priority level 1 

Contact us on:
+1 (514) 270 7777 - Options 1-1
+1 (855) 550 5705 - Options 1-1

If you have not received a response within 30 minutes, use the emergency number +1 (855) 494 2868.

An incident receives priority level 1 status when the incident fully prevents you from using a TECHNIDATA product.

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Press Release

TECHNIDATA announces a new version 13.41 of its TDHistoCyto software solution: a major advance helping anatomic pathology laboratories to go paperless throughout the process. This version has a new interface, and additional functionality that allows laboratories to benefit from real paperless processing. Patient safety is enhanced, the risk of errors reduced, and process traceability streamlined. Laboratories gain in efficiency and productivity, and the workflow is optimized.

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