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accolade 40x125 TDAnalytics provides the necessary tools to change the daily data produced by the laboratory information system into relevant, yet easy-to-use indicators and statistics, for efficient activity monitoring, decision making and improvement of your laboratory processes.


Extract the information you need, when you need it, even during activity peaks, and without impacting your laboratory performances.
TDAnalytics is an intuitive and customizable solution, easy to use and requiring minimal training.
TDAnalytics embeds state-of-the-art business intelligence OLAP technology, to meet current and future needs.


TDAnalytics allows you to extract the information you need at any time, even during activity peaks:

  • Personalize and save for further reuse the queries which you really need  
    • Meet the specific needs of your laboratory
    • Save time for queries configuration

  • Automate regular reporting  

  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPI) and turnaround time (TAT)

  • Benefit from the data results directly in Microsoft Excel®

TDAnalytics provides hassle-free and straightforward querying for the daily management of your statistics:

  • Predefined reports library
    • Ready-to-use queries for significant time saving

  • Define and customize your reports through Microsoft Excel®

  • Easy to use
    • Drag and drop the criteria you want to review
    • Run your queries : it is as easy as opening a file

  • Protect your data from inappropriate actions

  • Share reports

TDAnalytics is a real data mining tool that uses business intelligence OLAP technology to manage your statistics with efficiency:

  • Add value to your LIS data through formatted output of up-to-date extractions

  • Drill down through the data for more details

  • Secure patient privacy and data confidentiality throughout the whole process

  • Satisfy laboratory accreditation requirements with trend analysis and indicator follow-up

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TDAnalytics, a companion solution

can be used with the following TECHNIDATA laboratory information systems (LIS) for general laboratory and anatomic-pathology.

Click on the product names below for more details.

Laboratory information systems:


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Press Release

November 18, 2019
Shanghai UJI Network Technology Co., Ltd, Technidata’s distributor of TDBiobank in China, Hong Kong and Macau has announced that TDBiobank is running live in an operational environment at Jiangsu Purecell Biomedical Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Purecell is an NGO-funded medical preparation manufacturing company that currently houses 50,000 samples and collects more than 500 samples per day.
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