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Order tests and consult results at patient's bedside

An optimal and high level care quality for guaranteed patient satisfaction

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A web solution to easily manage orders creation, optimize collection management and provide real-time results access at the patient’s bedside.


Smart order creation
Numerous features facilitate orders and enable redundancy check, to enhance the healthcare quality, reduce costs and optimize the workload.
Full traceability
From collection to reception at the laboratory where it can be acknowledged via the bar code scanner, TDWeb ensures an exhaustive traceability at every step.
Results in real-time as soon as they are available
No matter the discipline, the diagnosis preparation is easier thanks to the real-time access to all available results in the consolidated patient file.
Easy installation
An easily deployed Web solution that only requires an internet browser. Thanks to the intuitive interface, users acquire knowledge very quickly.

Order tests and consult results at patient’s bedside with TDWeb




TDWeb allows prescribers to create order easily and efficiently, from care units:

  • A reference for order creation
    • Make the laboratory rules and settings the reference for order creation
    • Simplify configuration: inherit the laboratory settings and dictionaries

  • Test profiles based on the laboratory’s dictionaries
    • Facilitate the update of test profiles thanks to shared data
    • Adapt the tool to the needs and specialties of care units

  • Redundancy check
    • Avoid prescribing unnecessary tests and save money
    • Optimize laboratory workload
    • Reduce costs

  • Access the collection protocol and give useful advice for patient comfort

TDWeb ensures full traceability in collection management:

  • Identify specimen and acknowledge collection at patient bedside
    • Optimized traceability
    • Reduced the risk of errors with positive identification of the patient

  • Specify precisely the collection date and time of the collection
    • Save time by managing specimens at laboratory reception

  • Manage collection plan by patient, collection round or collection type
    • Incorporate the care units' specificities and habits

  • Follow collection at every step
    • Monitor the specimen cycle for an enhanced patient follow-up

  • Optimize specimens to collect
    • Increase patient comfort

With TDWeb, care teams can access results as soon as they are available:

  • Consult results from several disciplines       
    • Consolidated patient file (biology, microbiology, histo-cytology, genetics)

  • Sophisticated management of user rights
    • Respect patient privacy

  • Patient history
    • Manage all information from one entry point

  • View pertinent information at a glance
    • Save significant time while preparing diagnosis

TDWeb is easy to deploy and reduces operational and maintenance costs:

  • Easy installation and settings
    • Only requires an Internet browser
    • Save time at all levels

  • A simple and intuitive tool
    • Rapid acquisition of knowledge for the users

Prescription des analyses et consultation des résultats au chevet du patient



Laboratory information systems:

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TDWeb, a companion solution

can be used with TECHNIDATA laboratory management systems (LIS) for
general laboratory, microbiology, anatomic-pathology and genetics, and with our document management module.

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