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ISO 15189 certification procedure

TECHNIDATA does all it can to facilitate you during the ISO 15189 certification procedure
Our pathology software offers a range of features that fulfil regulatory requirements, and our teams provide personal assistance throughout the accreditation process.

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An asset to ISO 15189 accreditation

Our LIMS software includes multiple features that facilitate the accreditation procedure and simultaneously optimise laboratory efficiency.


The audit system is a powerful investigative and research tool for all actions which could potentially have an impact on patient data and results. The audit system which is integrated in TECHNIDATA laboratory software gives a high degree of traceability which constitutes a vital tool in the accreditation procedure.

Who, what when and where?
Each and every action linked to patient data, test requests and specimens is saved to provide you with comprehensive traceability features.
Refined rights management allow you to preserve patient result confidentiality while simultaneously allowing each user to access those tasks and data that are strictly necessary to successfully carry out their daily duties. The following essential features are available for multi-laboratory or multi-site organisations:

- To preserve result confidentiality, the management of user rights allows you to control access rights based on both the origin of a request and the origin of the laboratory in which the user is situated.

For authorised users, and as part of the unique patient record initiative cross-disciplinary visibility of results is a crucial factor during the clinical review phase and furthermore reduces the risk of result misinterpretation.

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TDNexLabs LIMS allows you to set up targeted alerts via SMS or e-mail which can then be distributed via personalised mailing lists. These alerts apply to critical results in Biology and nosocomial infections in Microbiology.

With the development of acquired antibiotic resistance nosocomial infections have become a major issue in public health.

- Alert mechanisms in the Microbiology module manage expert rules in real time in order to send an e-mail or SMS to a pre-defined list of recipients which in turn ensures that follow-up actions can be initiated.

- Threshold alert mechanisms send alerts when a certain number of cases reach predefined values.
A range of features to monitor laboratory activity:

- Dashboard with counters help you manage activity in real time
- Optimise sample management through effective work distribution
- Performance measurement and measure of time to results in real time using dedicated counters
- Targeted alert management by SMS or e-mail sent to a pre-defined list of recipients
Effortlessly manage non-conformities within your LIMS:
- Record non-conformities in the LIMS
- Management and follow-up of corrective and preventative actions
- Follow-up indicators

Manage documents in accordance with accreditation requirements:
- Manage documents at every moment of their lifecycle (creation, authorisation, update and distribution)
- Automation of processes
- Document distribution which is subject to user rights

TDNexLabs LIMS possesses an expert rules review system which is perfectly aligned with ISO 15189 accreditation requirements in which laboratories are required to demonstrate that expert rules are reviewed before running in routine mode. The system also permits result simulation.



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TECHNIDATA, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, has just obtained ISO 27001 certification, attesting to its strong commitment to guaranteeing the IT security of its software solutions for medical laboratories.
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