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A LIMS designed by microbiologists for microbiologists, to address the specific needs of microbiology and bacteriology laboratories

accolade 40x125 A software solution fully dedicated to the discipline, which offers customisable analytical protocols and workflows for a real paperless microbiology and bacteriology system.


Paperless microbiology and bacteriology
Improve efficiency and safety: Standardise your work methods, benefit from optimised quality and traceability, features and easily integrate TDNexLabs Microbiology LIMS with HIS and other laboratory instruments.
Merge data and generate Incidence reports, antibiotic resistance reports, and lists of mandatory declarations. Furthermore, monitor organisms that potentially cause nosocomial infections.
Customisation & flexibility
Adapt the software to suit YOUR work methods, and the organization of your particular laboratory thanks to customisable protocols, dictionaries, expert rules and result entry screens.
Quality & accreditation
Benefit from integrated tools for Quality management and ease the process of ISO 15189 accreditation through optimal traceability features and non-conformity and documentation management.


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Increase productivity with real paperless microbiology and retain worksheet usability:

  • Laboratory efficiency
    • Save time with streamlined data entry and readability
    • Customisable results entry screen specific to analytical processes in progress
    • Deliver reliable results in minimum time
    • Access information in real time

  • Patient safety
    • Method standardisation reduce margin of error
    • High traceability
    • Safe validation
    • Email alerts improve reactivity
    • Epidemiology at a glance

  • Interoperability
    • Easily integrate into any Hospital Information System (HIS)
    • Instrument connections, including interface with mass spectrometry instruments

Add value to data with multicriteria query tools:

  • Real time epidemiology alerts
    • Immediate alerts for specific results based on user-defined rules
    • Alerts when events reach user-defined thresholds

  • Epidemiology reports
    • Incidence and resistance reports
    • Duplicate management

  • Compatibility with local or worldwide disease surveillance systems
    • Microbiology data export for CoSURV, WHONET, and EARSS

  • Dynamic links with the patient data
    • Access detailed patient data from epidemiology views
    • Access Analytical workflow from epidemiology views

TDNexLabs Microbiology LIMS is configurable to suit your methods, your organisation and traceability rules:

  • Customised protocols and workflow
    • Laboratory staff are guided in specimen handling and result entry

  • Flexible result entry
    • Create worksheets
    • Online
    • Connected analysers

  • Instantaneous expert rules
    • Manage exceptions and alerts
    • Customise expert rules easily
    • Reduce laboratory turnaround time
    • Reduce costs and rationalise work

  • Easy system installation
    • Save installation and training time
    • Reduce costs

Integrated tools allow you to optimise Quality management in the laboratory:

  • Facilitate laboratory accreditation          
    • Improve compliance to standard requirements (ISO 15189, CAP 15189, GBEA, CLSI, EUCAST...)

  • Enhanced traceability
    • Powerful audit features at all stages

  • Non-conformity management       
    • Improved quality of care

  • Document management module       
    • Compliant with ISO 15189 prerequisites

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Customer testimonial

Challenges and solutions. Learn how TDNexLabs Microbiology LIMS meets the needs of our customers.


  • Paperless Microbiology, for better quality, traceability, and efficiency in the laboratory

    Paperless Microbiology, for better quality, traceability, and efficiency in the laboratory

    “With TDNexLabs Microbiology, we have greatly improved the traceability of data, which has increased patient safety, saved time, and optimized the laboratory’s efficiency and workload.“ Read More
  • How paperless bacteriology has changed the daily operations of a whole laboratory ...

    How paperless bacteriology has changed the daily operations of a whole laboratory ...

    “The Microbiology module allowed us to introduce real paperless bacteriology leading to significant gains in efficiency.“ Read More
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NexLabs Microbiology
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