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TDPatient, a response to the changes in technology and communication habits

accolade 40x125 Enable your patients to consult or download their laboratory results at home, rapidly and securely.


Confidentiality is the cornerstone of this solution that guarantees data security.
Quality of service and loyalty
Keep-up with technology and customer expectations by making results available online and providing them with comfort, freedom and flexibility.
TDPatient interface can be easily adjusted to be consistent with your existing visual identity.
Laboratories reduce operational costs, and save time by reducing the number of patients who call to find out their results so they can devote this time to other tasks.

Guarantee secure access to data and respect patient privacy:

  • A unique login and password for each patient and each report

  • Access to results via a secure protocol (HTTPS)
    • Confidentiality and integrity of the results consulted on the internet

  • Patient data is isolated from laboratory data (DMZ)
    • The server that stores reports cannot be accessed by unauthorised users

  • Limit the time period that results are available to reduce the risk of unauthorised access
    • Reduce the risk of unauthorised access


TDPatient enhances the quality of the service provided by the laboratory and meets the requirements ensuing from practice evolutions: online results consultation becomes as easy as online banking.

  • More comfort for patients      
    • Allow your patients to view their results without having to return to the laboratory

  • Secured access and easy PDF download for storage on the home PC

TDPatient web interface is fully customisable and can be easily integrated in your organisation:

  • For laboratories with a web portal:
    • Access reports directly through your laboratory web portal, to respect your brand identity and graphic standards

  • For laboratories without a web portal:
    •  If your laboratory does not have a dedicated web portal, benefit from a dedicated Internet page 

TDWeb enables your patients to consult and download their results completely independently, so the laboratory can optimise resources:

  • Saving time at all levels
    • By reducing the number of phone calls and mails, you can use the time you devoted to transmitting result reports to other tasks

  • Reducing costs
    • Save money on stamping and mailing reagents as you do not need to send as many result reports as you used to

Access laboratory results online with TDPatient


TDPatient, a companion solution

Patient is the ideal complement to 
TDNexLabs and TDNexLabs Microbiology
laboratory information systems (LIS).

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