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June 2021
French magazine Spectra Diagnostic n°14:
• "Trust and growth: from biology to pathology with TECHNIDATA"
•  "TECHNIDATA boosts cybersecurity investment

202104 SPECTRA DIAGNOSTIC 13 couverture



April 2021
French magazine Spectra Diagnostic n°13:
• "Thierry Dieudonnée, appointed Managing Director of TECHNIDATA's French subsidiary"
•  "TECHNIDATA 2.0: New impetus at TECHNIDATA"
•  "TheEure-et-Loir GHT equips itself with TDBactiLink,TECHNIDATA's microbiologu middleware"
•  "Regulatory Identity Vigilance Management"

202104 SPECTRA DIAGNOSTIC 13 couverture



January 2021
French magazine Spectra Diagnostic n°12:
• "TECHNIDATA 2.0: 2021, a brand new TECHNIDATA".
•  "TECHNIDATA provides solutions to 6 military hospitals".
•  "A result server dedicated to patients" (TDPatient
•  "Middlewares in 2021" (TDBactiLink

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November 2020
French magazine Spectra Diagnostic n°11:
•  "The TECHNIDATA solutions referenced in the C.A.I.H.".
  "Laboratory management and control tool" (TDBusiness Intelligence

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January 2020
French magazine Spectra Diagnostic n°7:
• "Technidata joins the Group Total Specific Solutions (TSS) and continues to innovate".

Revue Spectra Diagnostic n°07



October 2019
French Magazine Mind Health n°79:
• "How two Hospital Centers (Épinal and Remiremont, France) outsourced and pooled their laboratory information systems" (TDNexLabs).

Revue MindHealth n°79



April 2019
LabInsights, a reference magazine for laboratories in the Netherlands, published a Tech guide on LIS providers, featuring TECHNIDATA and TDNexLabs LIS, in the April 2019 issue. The magazine also published an advert entitled "The LIS of the future". The article explains TECHNIDATA's ability to play a leading role in the automation of microbiology labs through TDBactiLink, its paperless microbiology middleware, and advanced interfaces with lab automation systems such as BD KiestraTM and WASPLabTM systems.

Technidata in LabInsights april2019 90x114See pages 26 and 33



November 2018
The american MedicalLab Management magazine published a news on TDBactiLink, TECHNIDATA's middleware for paperless microbiology. A middleware that allows laboratories to retain their existing LIS while benefitting from features tailored to microbiology-specific needs.

articles MedicalLabManagement TDBactiLink nov2018 90x114



September - October 2018
The following media reported on TDBioBank's virtual catalog, which helps biobanks to publish their collections  of  transferable  biological specimens online, gain visibility and foster international scientific collaboration: SpectraBiologie, DH Magazine, TicSanté, Medicalps, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Entreprises,, Pathology in Practice, ScientistLive, RapidMicrobiology, Bio-ITWorld.

article SpectraBiologie oct2018 TDBioBank catalogue virtuel 90x114       DHMagazine TDBioBank catalogue virtuel 90x114        Technidata TicSante oct2018 90x114        logo medicalps 90x114        TECHNIDATA AEPI Newletter march2018 FerdinandCabanne 90x114        article biobanking com TDBioBank catalogue virtuel 90x114        article TDBioBank pathology in practice sept2018 90x114        article scientistlive TDBiobank virtual catalog sept2018 90x114


article rapid microbiology TDBioBank sept2018 90x114         article bio ITworld TDBioBank oct2018 90x114




June 2018
The French Epinal-Remiremont hospital group multi-site laboratories has chosen to implement TDNexLabs LIS in a hosted-mode. Read the news on Medicalps, DSIH, DH magazine, Coreye, Bio-ITWorld and ScientistLive websites.

 logo medicalps 90x114      logo DSIH 90x114      logo DH Magazine 140x114         Collaboration technidata coreye 90x114        TECHNIDATA Bio IT world march 2017 Technidata TDNexLabs SaaS


April 2018
The Dutch magazine LabInsights published an article about lab automation at the University Hospital Grenoble Alpes, France, using TECHNIDATA's laboratory software for paperless microbiology and BD KiestraTM lab automation system.

article LabInsights april2018 180x114
See pages 14 and 15.



February - March 2018
Ferdinand Cabanne, one of the largest biobanks in France, has chosen TDBioBank to computerize its multisite facility. Read the news on  Medicalps, Inovallée, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Entreprises,,, Hospital & Healthcare Management, Life Science Applications, websites.

logo medicalps 90x114      TECHNIDATA Inovallee march2018 FerdinandCabanne 90x114      TECHNIDATA AEPI Newletter march2018 FerdinandCabanne 90x114      TECHNIDATA ScientistLive march2018 FerdinandCabanne 90x114      TECHNIDATA biobanking com twitter march2018 FerdinandCabanne 90x114      TECHNIDATA HHMGlobal march2018 FerdinandCabanne 200x270      TECHNIDATA Lifescienceapplications march2018 FerdinandCabanne 90x114      TECHNIDATA Bio IT world march 2017


December 2017 - January 2018
The following media reported TECHNIDATA's role in the microbiology lab automation of the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital (CHUGA), France, and the bidirectional interface between TECHNIDATA's LIS and the BD KiestraTM lab automation system:
CHUGA Twitter feed, Biologiste Infos, TecHopital, SpectraBiologie,,, Medicalps, ScientistLive, Hospital & Healthcare Management,

article CHUGATwitter dec2017 CHUGA       article TECHopital dec2017 CHUGA        article Biologiste Infos janvier2018 CHUGA        article SpectraBiologie dec2017 CHUGA        article Essor janv2018 CHUGA        article Business Man dec2017 CHUGA        article EcoBiz dec2017 CHUGA       

logo medicalps 90x114        article ScientistLive dec2017 CHUGA        articles HHM dec2017 CHUGA        article BioITWorld dec2017 CHUGA



 Carre Egis SPA 90x99  

November 2017
Congratulations to Egis for being recognized for excellence in raising productivity at the Singapore Productivity Awards 2017!
Ten organizations across six sectors were honoured during the awards ceremony, graced by Minister for Manpower Lim Swee Say. The news was published in the Business Time journal, a reference newspaper in Singapore.
Egis is TECHNIDATA's Partner in Singapore for 23 years.

Egis Business Time 90x114
by Francis Kan



October 2017
Read an interview with François FALCO, TECHNIDATA's C.E.O, in the October issue of Présences Magazine. The article highlights how TDBactiLink, TECHNIDATA's middleware for paperless microbiology, can help laboratories improve their efficiency, traceability, facilitate their accreditation and reduce the risk of errors.

Presences Oct2017 TDBactiLink 90x114by Anne Zylberberg


September 2017
Biologiste Infos  and Pathology in Practice, two reference magazines for clinical lab professionals in France and UK, published a news about TDBactiLink in their September 2017 issues.

article TDBactiLink Biologiste Infos sept2017        article Pathology in practice sept2017 90x114



March/April/May 2017
Focus on TDBactiLink, TECHNIDATA middleware for paperless microbiology, in the following media: CAP TODAY - the reference magazine for pathologists in the USA, Clinical Lab productsthe reference magazine for clinical lab professionals in the USA (see page 25), - an american portal covering IT and computer science in biomedical research and drug discovery, - a health portal in the UK, - a website intented to be a source for the latest news on products and services for microbiology testing laboratories, Hospital & Healthcare Management - healthcare magazine, Grenoble Ecobiz - the portal of the Isere Technopole, France, and Medic@lps -  the economic cluster for promoting the health industry in Isère (France).

Learn more on TDBactiLink:

TDBactiLink in cap today may 2017         TDBactiLink in CLP magazine march 2017        TDBactiLink in Bio IT world march 2017        TDBactiLink in ScientistLive march 2017        TDBactiLink in RapidMicrobiology march 2017        TDBactiLink in HHM march 2017        TDBactiLink in EcoBiz march 2017        logo medicalps 90x114

    November/December 2016
The signature of a distribution agreement between TECHNIDATA and NeoScience was mentioned in the press. This agreement covers the distribution of TECHNIDATA solutions in the Middle East:

TECHNIDATA NeoScience SpectraBiologie dec2016        TECHNIDATA NeoScience Grex dec2016         TECHNIDATA NeoScience Bref Eco nov2016        TECHNIDATA NeoScience LEssor nov2016        TECHNIDATA NeoScience AEPI nov2016        TECHNIDATA NeoScience EcoBiz nov2016        logo medicalps 90x114         TECHNIDATA NeoScience Bio ITWorld nov2016


September/October 2016
The following media reported that TDBioBank has been chosen by the prestigious Institute of Medical Biology in Singapore, to equip its 3 research laboratories specialized in Genetics, Skin and Stem cells:

article ScientistLive Sept2016 90x114        article BioITworld Sept2016 90x114        article HHM Sept2016 90x114        articles FrenchChamberSingapore newsletter Sept2016 90x114        article L'Essor Sept2016 90x114        article Inovallee Sept2016 90x114        article Flash Infos Sept2016 90x114        logo medicalps 90x114


articles DauphineLibere oct2016        articles Presences Oct2016 90x114        articles Inovallee DL oct2016         article SingaporeNewsTribe oct2017 90x114
by Caroline                              by M.C Myard


    July 2016
Clinical Lab products magazine - the reference magazine for clinical lab professionals in the USA, published a Tech Guide on Anatomic and Digital Pathology Instruments and Tools, featuring TDHistoCyto, TECHNIDATA's laboratory information software system for Anatomic Pathology.

article CLP TechGuide 2016 90x114

May 2016
Following the launch of TDNexLabs, CAP TODAY - the reference magazine for pathologists in the USA, Clinical Lab products magazine - the reference magazine for clinical lab professionals in the USA, a health portal in the UK and Medic@lps  the economic cluster for the promotion of the health industry in Isère, France, reported the event in their May 2016 issues:

articles CAPToday May2016 90x114      articles CLP May2016 90x114    articles ScientistLive May2016 90x114   logo medicalps 90x114 
by Raymond
D. Aller, MD,
and Hal Weiner

    May 2016
Following TECHNIDATA's announcement presenting its new corporate image and website, Biologiste Infos - a reference magazine for Pathologists in France and Présences - Grenoble's Chamber of Commerce & Industry in France web portal, reported the news:

 articles BiologisteInfos May2016 90x114    articles Presences Mai2016 90x114
    May/April/March, 2016
Following TECHNIDATA's announcement regarding its new interface with the COPAN WaspLabTM for automated specimen processing and digital Microbiology, CAP TODAY - the reference magazine for pathologists in the USA, TICSanté.com, a French reference web portal that focuses on health informatics, Medic@lps the French economic cluster for the promotion of the health industry in Isère, and Grenoble Ecobiz - Isère French Technopole, all featured an article on the news:

articles CAPToday May2016 90x114    article CLP May2016 90x114     articles TicSante february 2013 90x114    logo medicalps 90x114   articles Ecobiz March2016 90x114 
by Raymond
D. Aller, MD,
and Hal Weiner
              by Frédérique

    February 2016
Inovallée - the Isère Technopole in France, reported the news about the appointment of Claire Jolicoeur as General Manager of TECHNIDATA Canada, Regional Headquarters for the TECHNIDATA Group in North America:

articles Inovalle February2016 90x114

July 2015
Following TDGenet's version 3 delivery, whose mission is to simplify the processes of DNA sequencing and mutation identification, CLP magazine featured an article on its website:

articles CLP July2015 90x114

    March/April/May 2015
The University Hospital of Limoges, France, chose TDBioBank to computerize the CRBioLim, its multidisciplinary biorepository. Following this announcement, Biologiste Infos - a reference magazine for Pathologists in France, Présences - Grenoble's Chamber of Commerce & Industry in France web portal, the French Kidney & Health League, - a health portal in the UK, all reported on the news:

articles Biologisteinfos April2015 90x114     articles Presences Mai2015 90x114    logo ligue reins et sante   articles ScientistLive March2015 90x114 

    March 2015
The French magazine Biologiste Infos - a reference magazine for Pathologists in France, published an article in the February/March 2015 issue on TDGenet, TECHNIDATA's solution for Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics laboratories, and for all clinical Genetics activities. The article also highlights the software's interoperability for easy integration within existing healthcare systems, and with TDHistoCyto and TDBioBank to create a coherent and complementary solution.

articles Biologisteinfos March2015 90x114
    July 2014
The French newspaper, Tout Lyon Affiches, published in July 2014, an in depth presentation of French companies based in the Rhône-Alpes area in France with subsidiaries abroad. An article about TECHNIDATA Asia is featured in this special edition. Tout Lyon Affiches is a weekly regional newspaper focusing on economic news.

articles ToutLyonAffiches July2014 90x114

May 2014
The NHE magazine in the UK published an article in the March/April 2014 issue about Lab efficiency, quality and accreditation, with a focus on the Emile Gallé Histopathology Centre in Nancy, France.

In this article, Dr Maud Ounnoughene and Dr Stéphane Kirchner, both histopathologists and partners at the Emile Gallé Centre, talk about the benefits of
TD-Synergy Histology/Cytology and how it helped their Center to become one of the first organizations to earn NF EN ISO 15189 accreditation in Europe.

nhe1 90x114

    December 2014
The magazine Pharmaceutiques featured TDBioBank in its December 2014 issue, including an interview with Christophe Guitart-Arnau, product manager at TECHNIDATA. The article highlights the importance for biobanks to guarantee Quality at each stage - from biological resources to managing the biobanks themselves -  an essential point for managing collections efficiently and supporting research needs. It also underscores the importance of interoperability, a current challenge in the biobank field in France.

articles Pharmaceutiques december2014 90x114

September 2013
The French magazine Biologiste Infos - a reference magazine for Pathologists in France, published an article in the September 2013 issue about
the LIS market in France. Thierry JEUDY,  Senior VP Services for TECHNIDATA Group and General Manager for TECHNIDATA France was interviewed for the article.

In a market where the decrease in the number of tenders and  LIS renewals heightens competition, the new health reform could mean the end of small LIS suppliers, who are too small to be able to integrate changes towards an ISO 15189 accreditation and do not to have the resources necessary to deal with large groups representing dozens of laboratories. As a result of  its worldwide presence, existing customer base and range of Middleware solutions, TECHNIDATA stands apart, and has the assets in its solutions to make the most of this market evolution.

articles Biologisteinfos Sept2013 90x114

    August 6, 2013
The magazine, L'Actualité, a general news magazine in Quebec (Canada), published an article on August 6, 2013 about TECHNIDATA solutions, in which Jacquelin PARE, Executive VP and General Manager of TECHNIDATA Canada, was interviewed. The article highlights the business opportunities for TECHNIDATA to increase its market shares with the ongoing health reforms in Quebec.

carre lactualite2013
by Ulysse Bergeron
    July 2013
TECHNIDATA Canada was one of the few companies awarded by the National Bank of Canada for their contribution to local growth. In the regional selection for the category of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) below a 5 million dollar turnover, TECHNIDATA Canada won the Gold prize for the Montreal region. TECHNIDATA Canada was also in the final round at the provincial level.
carre canada prix pme logo
    May 6, 2013
In its April-May 2013 issue, the French magazine Biologiste Infos ran a special feature on improving security and traceability at the pre-analytical stage. Based on an interview of Stephane AGAY, Product Line Director at TECHNIDATA, it showed how the sample management features of TD-Synergy Version 11.81 allow customers to manage transporting samples from one site to another.

Carre Biologistes Info Avri
    April 22, 2013
In the March 2013 issue, Canadian Healthcare Technology magazine featured an article on how post-analytical automation simplifies storage and retrieval, and emphasized the capacity of TECHNIDATA solutions in lab automation at the Saint-Eustache Hospital, Laurentian region of Quebec.

carre healthcaretech 90x114
    April 3, 2013
The French magazine Spectra Biologie published an article in the April 2013 issue about TD-Synergy V11.81, and highlighted the role of its advanced features for managing samples in a multisite organization and how they can improve not only security, traceability, sample transportation and storage, but also the entire laboratory workflow.

Carre spectra avril2013
    February 26, 2013
TICSanté.com, a French website that focuses on health informatics, featured an article on the new 11.81 version of TD-Synergy, and focused on how it optimizes sample traceability especially in a multisite context.

articles TicSante february 2013 90x114



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