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A new generation laboratory information management system dedicated to a range of biological disciplines* has been developed to improve both the performance of your organization and the quality of care you provide.
*Biochemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Serology, Virology and Microbiology


Dynamic and smart information management
A new dashboard provides a global and real-time view of laboratory activity improving efficiency through easy access to information.
A laboratory information system that adapts to your specific organizational needs. Whether you require multi-site, multi-laboratory or multi-discipline management, we provide adapted solutions to groups which promote cooperation in health matters.
Interoperability & performance
A system developed to easily integrate with health organization systems and to improve laboratory productivity through the optimization of response times and ensured service continuity.                      *HL7 Messaging Toolkit Powered by ChameleonChameleon Interfaceware
Quality & lab accreditation
Enjoy comprehensive traceability as well as integrated tools which facilitate quality management to meet ISO 15189 requirements.


Being able to manage information and supervise activity in real time means you can improve security, quality of care, as well as lab efficiency, to deliver reliable results in a minimum of time:

  • Real time indicators and alerts
    • Emphasize essential information to improve reactivity and efficiency

  • Decision-making tools
    • Intuitive tools allow you to create and query requests and analyze data
    • Data extraction during peak activity periods without hindering performance

  • Expert rules engine
    • Automate routine tasks to improve laboratory productivity
    • Monitor redundancies

Due to its high degree of flexibility, the TDNexLabs software is a scalable system that adapts to both your current and future organization, no matter how simple or complex:

  • Multi-site, multi-laboratory and multi-discipline management
    • Optimized sample routing
    • Shared data view which is consolidated in the patient file
    • One single and unique application configuration for a group of related laboratories
    • Shared instrument and technical station management
    • Technical and biological validation breakdown by area, laboratory or instrument
    • Personalized configuration to suit the needs of individual sites
    • Statistics related to activity and billing
    • Cost rationalization through the pooling of resources

  • Patient and data confidentiality

TDNexLabs can easily be integrated into existing laboratory systems to guarantee optimal availability and quality:

  • Interoperability
    • Standard communication and messaging protocols (HL7, HPRIM, ASTM, IHE)
    • A catalog of more than 500 instrument connexions, covering both pre and post analytic lines, as well as for connecting bedside devices
    • Rights associated with access management and user profiles can be managed through a centralized directory

  • Performance & continuity of service
    • Reliable response times even during peak periods
    • Virtual environments facilitate maintenance operations and maximize availability
    • Real-time supervision of infrastructure, resources and communications
    • Simple update procedures

TDNexLabs offers a range of tools that accompany laboratories in their initiatives to comply with regulatory requirements for ISO 15189 accreditation.

  • Full traceability        
    • System audit for exhaustive traceability at every step

  • Non-conformity management
    • Ongoing improvement of quality

  • Document management
    • Laboratory documents can be managed according to ISO 15189 requirements

  • Quality control management through TDWorkstation Evolution
    • Continuous quality control management to maximize quality and accuracy of results

  • Archive management in PDF format
    • In accordance with ISO 15 189 recommendations, electronic archive management allows you to store copies of result reports that have been transmitted to the prescriber. 

General Laboratory


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Challenges and solutions. Learn how TDNexlabs meets the needs of our customers.


The interoperability of TDNexLabs, notably based on the HL7 standard, facilitates its integration with existing systems and its connection to instruments and automated lines at the heart of the laboratories. It’s essential for us.
Mr Guillaume BAZIN
Mr Guillaume BAZIN
Engineer - IT department, University Hospital of Caen, France

  • General laboratory automation with TDNexLabs LIS

    General laboratory automation with TDNexLabs LIS

    “TDNexLabs is a reliable, robust, and efficient laboratory management system.“ Read More
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September 28th, 2023

TECHNIDATA, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, has just obtained ISO 27001 certification, attesting to its strong commitment to guaranteeing the IT security of its software solutions for medical laboratories.
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