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accolade 40x125 A tailor-made software for cytogenetics and molecular genetics laboratories, and for coordinating all clinical genetics activities with efficiency and flexibility.


A dedicated solution
This patient-centric software will cover all your needs and manage your workflows efficiently and flexibly, from appointments and genetics consultations, to clinical review, result reporting, statistics, and billing, through analytical techniques and result acquisition.
Customization in your hands
For more efficiency, TDGenet is adjustable to your specific needs and allows you for example to personalize workflows, forms, and queries.
Easy integration and interoperability
Bi-directional interfaces and standard communication protocols guarantee the highest level of interoperability.
Quality and accreditation
TDGenet facilitates the laboratory accreditation process thanks to its exhaustive traceability and the management of non-conformity.


This comprehensive solution enables data collection from the anamnesis to laboratory results, including all necessary features to cover the pre analytical steps, the analytical steps and the post analytical steps.

  • A patient-centric solution with clinical consultation, and patient and family management
    • A single view for better diagnostics
    • Collect and gather patient and family information all along the genetics investigation

  • Dynamic pedigree charts
    • Design and record links and pathologies for all the members of a family

  • Manage routine tasks efficiently to save time and reduce the risk of errors
    • Batch mode management
    • Microwell plates management

  • Management of the analytical stage
    • From sample preparation to result reporting and interpretation
    • Organize and track the whole process

  • Built in sample storage
    • Dynamic management of storage locations

For more flexibility, TDGenet perfectly adjusts to the way you work:

  • Analytical workflow designer
    • A graphical and intuitive tool
    • Customize tests easily to fit your analytical organization
    • Set tracking levels based on your needs

  • Customized form designer tool
    • Define the exact forms and fields you need
    • Link the forms to a sample, a patient, a family

  • Query tool
    • Combine data and transform it into valuable information, such as biological and medical extracts
    • Build your activity reports and manage your laboratory

TDGenet is a fully integrated solution:

  • Standard connections based on HL7 protocols    
    • Integrate and deploy easily with any Hospital Information Systems (HIS)

  • Bi-directional communication with major cytogenetics image analyzers
    • Process reports easily and efficiently

TDGenet facilitates the accreditation process of genetics laboratories:

  • A high level of traceability at all stages

  • Non-conformity management features
    • Contributes to continual quality improvement
    • Save time on daily management of non-conformities

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Challenges and solutions. Learn how TDGenet meets the needs of our customers.


For more flexibility, TDGenet perfectly adjusts to the way you work





  • Gustave Roussy has chosen the TDGenet solution to computerize all its Genetics laboratory activities

    Gustave Roussy has chosen the TDGenet solution to computerize all its Genetics laboratory activities

    “Recovering data into TDGenet : We can now recover 99% of all historical data.” Read More
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Genet software can be used with the following TECHNIDATA solution for more flexibility and efficiency in your laboratory management.

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September 28th, 2023

TECHNIDATA, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, has just obtained ISO 27001 certification, attesting to its strong commitment to guaranteeing the IT security of its software solutions for medical laboratories.
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