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Transfuse the right product to the right patient

A complete and easy-to-use system that complies with EU Directives on blood safety and quality, and the transfusion guidelines of many countries

accolade 40x125 TDBloodBank manages the transfusion request workflow, from stock entry, sample reception and testing, and crossmatch and antibody screening, to post-transfusion tracking and audit. It is a highly customizable solution which can be configured to meet all blood management and transfusion needs.


Patient safety first
TDBloodBank's enhanced user rights management and inbuilt safety features optimize stocks, manage fridges and help transfuse the right product to the right patient. This solution is fully configurable to meet local working practices and legislation, with patient safety in mind.
Optimized workflow
From sample identification, testing and blood group confirmation to antibody screening and crossmatch, TDBloodBank optimizes workflows for faster turnaround times and faster access to transfusion. It also offers enhanced user rights management to manage patient-sensitive workflows.
TDBloodBank offers comprehensive traceability at every stage: quarantine at stock entry, crossmatch, stock update, product issue, return to stock, fate of donation, etc.


TDBloodBank is highly customizable and can be configured to meet all blood management and transfusion needs. It can easily be adapted to suit local working practices and legislation, always with patient safety as a priority.

  • Compliance with European Directives on blood safety and quality
    • Positive patient identity (optional Safetrak Pocket module at the bedside)
    • Blood group and compatibility testing
    • Antibody screening

  • Manages stocks efficiently and safely
    • Time out of fridge monitoring
    • Pack quarantine before release to stock
    • Remote fridge access control (optional Safetrak Fridge module)

  • Supports ISBT128 product labeling standards
    • Safer, faster stock entry
    • Easier pack identification at all stages in the process
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  • Manages non-standard workflows, such as those for patients with:
    • Transitional blood groups
    • Rare phenotypes like Bombay/Para-Bombay

TDBloodBank optimizes workflows for faster turnaround times on sample testing, and faster and safer access to transfusion:

  • Sample identification and reception
    • Sample reception procedure

  • Sample testing
    • Use of mother’s sample for neonates
    • Automatic comparison with previous results
    • Alerts in the event of blood group mismatches
    • Optional setting to prevent pack allocation before testing is complete
    • Interfaces with the major blood-group typing instruments

  • Blood group confirmation
    • Consolidated results at patient level
    • Single or double determination

  • Antibody screening
    • Automatic checks for available patient samples
    • Date/time of previous transfusions determines if a new screen is required

  • Compatibility and crossmatch
    • Configurable compatibility tables for ABO, Rhesus, Phenotype, Kell and Bombay
    • Essential patient information displayed at all times
    • Specific transfusion requirements, such as irradiated blood or CMV negative
    • Electronic issue (optional crossmatch) in line with international guidelines
    • Up to four methods of manual crossmatch where Electronic Issue is not permitted or suitable
    • Interfaces with the major automated crossmatch instruments

At every stage of the process, TDBloodBank offers comprehensive traceability of user and system actions:

  • Quarantine at stock entry  
  • Serological or electronic crossmatch
  • Stock update
  • Product issue, including stat issue
  • Return to stock
  • Fate of donation

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A companion solution of TDNexLabs

can be used with TDNexLabs, our laboratory information system.

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