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A software solution that is ideally suited to the needs of anatomic pathology laboratories

accolade 40x125 Improve your laboratory processes and efficiency with a dedicated solution for anatomic pathology: enhance patient safety and traceability, and adopt paperless communication.


Increased lab efficiency
Thanks to process automation and instrument interfaces, protocols can be standardized, and the risk of error is reduced. TDHistoCyto optimizes lab efficiency and allows pathologists to concentrate on the essential: diagnosis.
Task monitoring
The dashboard allows you to monitor turnaround times and ensure that all requests, including the urgent ones, are processed within the agreed timescales. Advanced statistics tools help drive the activities of the laboratory.
Patient safety first
TDHistoCyto helps optimize safety through extensive traceability features, conformity with the requirements of the College of American Pathologists (CAP), and respect of ADICAP and SNOMED® standards.
Promoting the latest practices in pathology
Enjoy the latest advances in technology, such as image management, interfaces with Immunohistochemistry (IHC) devices, interfaces with slide and cassette printers, and voice recognition for results report dictation.


By significantly improving the efficiency of the laboratory, TDHistoCyto allows you to reduce processing and diagnosis times:

  • Streamlined request creation
    • Automatic allocation of the pathologist and on-duty screener
    • Simplified grossing stage thanks to predefined block and slide descriptions

  • All-in-one session for slide preparation
    • Consultation of the patient history
    • Grossing descriptions
    • Requests for additional blocks, slides and stains
    • Printing of slides and cassettes
    • Automatic transmission of slides to IHC instruments
    • Continual updating of the worklist throughout the process

  • Results reporting
    • Tools for enhanced efficiency: Microsoft® Word®, glossary texts, voice recognition, automatically updated worklists, synoptic reports

  • Respect for ADICAP and SNOMED® coding standards
    • Simplified searches and reporting of test results

  • Clinical review and electronic result reporting
    • Verification before result transmission
    • Transmission of results by email, fax, HPRIM and HL7 communications
    • Access to results reports in the care unit via a simple Web browser

TDHistoCyto allows you to monitor your turnaround times and activity levels, for more efficient laboratory management:

  • Dashboard
    • Tracking of the stage a request has reached
    • Monitoring of the turnaround times to be sure that service levels are respected
    • Overall view of the work in progress

  • Advanced statistics with TDAnalytics
    • Data mining tool
    • Creation of personal indicators for better lab management
    • Development of personalized statistics tailored to your requirements

TDHistoCyto contains tools and features to optimize traceability and lower the risk of error, for more rapid, reliable diagnosis:

  • Automated barcode printing for cassettes and slides       
    • Direct access to the patient history 
    • Streamlining of everyday tasks

  • Comprehensive traceability, a plus for laboratory accreditation
    • Use of barcodes
    • Audit of all actions taken on a request
    • Optimized quality assurance thanks to the Non-conformity management module
    • Automatic archiving of results reports as PDFs


TDHistoCyto offers features that support the latest practices in anatomic pathology:

  • Image management           
    • Storage and retrieval of images
    • Linking images with requests
    • Easy retrieval of requests with images attached, thanks to diagnostic codes

  • Adjunctive testing on samples obtained by liquid-based cytology

  • Instrument connections (IHC instruments, cassette and slide printers)
    • Traceability and follow-up of stains in progress
    • Reduction in the turnaround time
    • Reduction in the risk of errors
    • Immunohistochemistry interfaces: Autostainer® (Dako®), Bond® (Leica/Menarini®), BenchmarkXT® (Ventana®)
    • Printer interfaces: Leica®, Sakura®, SHUR/Mark®, Thermo Fisher®, Dako®


Microtomie : découpage en tranches fines de prélèvements coulés dans la paraffine.


Customer testimonial

Challenges and solutions. Learn how TDHistoCyto meets the needs of our customers.


We chose the Histology/Cytology module because it is modern and because of the IT standards it uses. The software allows us to anticipate future developments in the technology and sustain our investment.
Dr. Stéphane KIRCHNER
Dr. Stéphane KIRCHNER
Pathologist - Emile Gallé Histopathology Centre in Nancy, France


  • TDHistoCyto, designed for the specific requirements of Histopathology

    TDHistoCyto, designed for the specific requirements of Histopathology

    “We were impressed by the ability of the Histology/Cytology module to reflect the actual workflow in the laboratory. This software adds real value given the specificities of our discipline, and it simplifies the work of users.” Read More
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