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Instrument interface and result management

A key companion to your laboratory information system to interface and manage instruments and results

accolade 40x125 TDWorkstation Evolution is the key element of TDNexLabs to manage instrument connections and consolidate test results.


Real-time dashboard
Monitor the activity as a whole with a real-time overview thanks to the control panel that integrates test results and Quality Control.
Result management
Task automation increases efficiency, offers a higher level of traceability and reduces
the risk of errors.
Quality control monitoring
Efficient and easy-to-use quality control, fully compliant with the ISO 15189 standard.
High level of flexibility to manage the laboratory on a day-to-day basis: urgent requests, activity monitoring, multi-instrument management, remote Quality Control ...

Access essential information in a snap, pilot your lab activities in real-time and access to detailed information in a click:

  • A dashboard with real-time indicators
    • Lab activity monitoring with a real-time overview of instrument interfaces and quality controls

  • Dedicated sessions for complete sample management
    • Cover the whole workflow process from review & edit to quality control, order entry, or sample search

  • A simple and intuitive user interface
    • New users can get up and run quickly with minimal training time
    • Easy navigation thanks to contextual links

TDWorkstation Evolution is an essential tool to maximize efficiency with smart result:

  • Customizable real-time expert rules
    • Automate repetitive tasks and focus on questionable results
    • Minimize turnaround time
    • Be compliant with quality certification organizations (CAP, CLSI standards)
    • Reduce the risk of errors and improve safety by standardizing work methods

  • Delta check on reruns
    • Ensure high quality by comparing results of current and previous runs of the same test or sample
    • Visual alert in case of significant deviation

  • Color-coded indicators
    • Reference values
    • Panic values
    • Rerun values
    • Analytical flags

TDWorkstation Evolution is designed for an easy and efficient instrument Quality Control (QC) management:

  • Interpret results and monitor QC easily
    • Tabular format, histograms, Levey-Jennings charts, Westgard rules ...
    • Optimal traceability

  • Advanced ergonomics with an easy access to QC panels
    • Contextual navigation with patient results saves valuable time 
    • Counters and status bar are clearly visible on every screen
  • Graphical reports, archives in PDF formats, export of QC data
    • Optimize Quality Control result management and help ISO 15189 compliance

  • Remote access to the QC charts of connected workstations
    • Gain flexibility, and allow independent review and comparison of instrument performance

TDWorkstation Evolution facilitates the management of your laboratory as it adjusts to its organization:

  • Multi-instrument management with remote access for all routine operations
    • Review results easily by sharing access to information produced by instruments, concentrators or multi-module analyzers
    • Reduce turnaround time for urgent requests, using instrument-specific criteria such as priority, doctor or location

  • Log Manager
    • Service, reagents and maintenance operations are recorded in specific logs
    • To comply with ISO 15189 requirements 

  • Point of Care Testing (POCT)
    • Use the TDWorkstation Evolution for POCT needs with reliable results and data consolidated in patient file

  • Easy-to-use statistics for the number of sample runs, reruns and dilutions, calibrations and quality control samples
    • Monitor the real cost of consumables and reagents

Automate d'analyse dans un laboratoire de biologie




A companion solution of TDNexLabs

Workstation Evolution
is a key component for TDNexLabs, our laboratory information system, to which it transfers test results.

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