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Give your existing LIS a new lease of life

accolade 40x125 The middleware solutions of the TDHarmony suite allow general and microbiology laboratories to enrich their existing laboratory information management systems, by bringing new features and by managing all or part of their technical facilities.


Scalability & flexibility
From basic instrument interface to the complete management of technical facilities, TDHarmony solutions can adjust to all kinds of requirements and configurations.
New features, new technologies
Optimize your laboratory production and benefit from the latest functional and technological innovations, while improving your existing LIS interfaces and communications.
Efficiency & performance
TDHarmony optimizes human and material resources, enhances processes, data streams and reduces the turnaround time.
Return on investment
TDHarmony enhances the laboratory efficiency while reducing production costs and at a fraction of the cost of a new LIS or system upgrade.



Enhance your Laboratory Information System (LIS) with TDHarmony Middleware multi-instrument, multi-technology, multisite, and multi-supplier solutions: a flexible and performant solution to adjust to not only technological, scientific and regulatory evolutions but also to the evolutions of your own organization.

TDHarmony suite consists of the following Middleware solutions:

  • TDBactiLink
    • Middleware for paperless bacteriology, enabling laboratories to benefit from specific features needed for this discipline.

  • TDLPM (Laboratory Production Manager)
    • Total or partial management of technical facilities for the management of the biological laboratory analytical steps. TDLPM can be used with any or multiple LIS.

With TDHarmony, broaden your horizon. Benefit from new features and the latest technological advances to manage your laboratory production and to make your accreditation process easier.

  • TDBactiLink, for paperless microbiology
    • Management of analytical protocols by sample type
    • Management of culture observation
    • Combination of conventional and new technologies, such as molecular biology (qPCR) or mass spectrometry (MALDI TOF)
    • Full traceability
    • Customizable expert rules
    • Batch result entry (e.g. negative results)
    • Clinical review
    • Patient history
    • Immediate alerts on pathogenic organisms or particular resistance profiles
    • Threshold alerts
    • Multicriteria data extraction for epidemiology and activity analysis
    • Data extraction in line with technical workbench information
    • Standardized interfaces (HL7) with the LIS and bacteriology instrumentation 

  • TDLPM, for general laboratory     
    • Multi-site, multi-laboratory and multi-discipline management
    • Sample management: identification, routing, packing list, storage, assignment depending on the priority level
    • Full traceability
    • Real-time rule-based system
    • Interfaces with any LIS, pre-analytical modules and analyzers (ASTM and HL7 protocols)
    • Management of user rights and authentication for patient privacy
    • Manual or automatic instrument procedures
    • Result review and validation
    • Analyzers quality control
    • Statistics per laboratory and work area
    • Document management
    • Non-conformity management

TDHarmony Middleware solutions offer more than the specific features of each discipline, they enable you to:

  • Manage efficiently your organization, your processes and the production activities of your lab

  • Reduce the turnaround time

  • Benefit from an optimal interoperability that enables a rapid integration into your existing systems

  • Benefit from easy installation and maintenance

TDHarmony provides you with a rapid return on investment:
At a fraction of the cost of a new LIS or system upgrade, you can significantly optimize laboratory efficiency and reduce production costs, as well as keep the existing LIS to manage pre-analytical and post-analytical features (management of result reports, billing system ...).

Solutions middleware pour la gestion des plateaux techniques

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