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Maximize availability of your laboratory information system and service continuity with TDSupervision


accolade 40x125 With TDSupervision, monitor your laboratory systems in real time, facilitate the maintenance and ease incident diagnosis. This service allows you to implement preventive and corrective actions to improve your system availability and the quality of service.


Real-time information
Thanks to alerts and relevant indicators, benefit from a global overview of your systems to reduce incidents and system downtimes. 
Proactive maintenance
TDSupervision facilitates your systems' weaknesses identification (infrastructures, communications, applications) and allows you to put in place preventive actions.
Flexible and fully customizable, TDSupervision can be tailored to meet your organization and infrastructure needs.


TDSupervision provides indicators for system critical elements to monitor their global health at a glance, without impacting your LIS performance:

  • A wide range of plugins to monitor processes, systems, components, communications, response and turnaround times
  • Hassle-free visual indicators for performance supervision

  • Real-time email alerts 

  • A single monitoring dashboard even for multi-site multi-laboratory organizations, for centralized surveillance

  • Secure your architecture with no impact on the LIS production

TDSupervision enforces a paradigm shift from reactive maintenance to a more proactive approach, resulting in substantial time and energy savings:

  • Focus on system weaknesses to put in place preventive actions

  • Identify performance bottlenecks

  • Immediate and accurate diagnostic to identify anomalies and for quick corrective actions

  • Follow-up on status and actions

  • Assess system availability

  • Track system history and statistics

  • Measure SLA

  • Increase troubleshooting know-how by documenting actions taken

Configure TDSupervision to meet your infrastructure, needs, and usage:

  • Enforce alerts policies and thresholds

  • Access the data through a central web console with user-defined views

  • Get an ubiquitous access to the console through the web access

  • Customize and share dashboards 

  • Adapt to your LIS and organization future evolutions

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A companion solution of TDNexLabs

Supervision service is designed to be used with TDNexLabs, our laboratory information system.

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September 28th, 2023

TECHNIDATA, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, has just obtained ISO 27001 certification, attesting to its strong commitment to guaranteeing the IT security of its software solutions for medical laboratories.
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